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List of papers

List of papers published in peer review journals:

  1. Petzold et al, Building a network of ADPKD Reference Centres across Europe: The EuroCYST Initiative, NDT 2014 August 29
  2. Spithoven et al, on behalf of ERA-EDTA Registry and EuroCyst, Analysis of data from the ERA EDTA Registry indicates that conventional treatments for chronic kidney disease do not reduce the need for renal replacement therapy in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease, Kidney Int. 2014 May 14
  3. Spithoven et al, on behalf of ERA-EDTA Registry and EuroCyst, Renal replacement therapy for ADPKD in Europe: prevalence and survival. An analysis of data from the ERA-EDTA Registry, NDT 2014 September

List of presentations

List of presentations and meetings done at major congresses/meetings:

  • ADPKD in Europe (Otsuka), Vienna (A), Feb. 29, 2013 (Katja Petzold)
  • ERA-EDTA Meeting, Istanbul (TR), May 29, 2013 (Katja Petzold and Olivier Devuyst – Press conference)
  • Symposia Inselspital, Bern (CH), June 11, 2013 (Katja Petzold)
  • TransCYST meeting and ERA-EDTA CME on ADPKD, Oxford (GB), September 11, 2013 
(Albert Ong)
  • Meeting in Atlanta (USA) at ASN November 8, 2013
  • Meeting in Lucca (I) at FASEB congress in August 5, 2014
  • AIRG Meeting, 25.Oct.2014, Montreux (A. Serra)
  • WGIKD Meeting, 28.10.2014, Bern (A. Serra)