University of Sheffield Medical School Academic Unit of Nephrology

University of Sheffield and Sheffield Kidney Institute, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Prof. Dr. Albert Ong

The Sheffield Kidney Institute is one of the largest tertiary referral centres for nephrology in the UK serving a population of 1.7 million in South Yorkshire and surrounding areas. Around 1200 patients are currently on renal replacement therapy through Sheffield and four linked satellite units. The first renal transplant was performed in Sheffield in 1968. Active links with the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) have led to several successful ISN sister centre pairs and over 30 ISN fellows being trained at Sheffield.
Basic research in ADPKD is conducted in University laboratories at the Medical School and the Bateson Centre. Genetic testing for ADPKD is available through the Sheffield Genetics Diagnostics Service which also serves as a DNA storage hub for EuroCYST.
The Sheffield PKD Centre currently looks after over 300 ADPKD patients through a dedicated multidisciplinary weekly clinic which sees referrals regionally and from around the UK. The core team consists of Professor Albert Ong (Professor of Renal Medicine), Dr Roslyn Simms (Clinical Lecturer), Sister Abiola Ali (Research Sister), Cheryl Bailey (CRF Data Coordinator) and Louese Dunn (Clinical Research Coordinator).

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Albert CM Ong


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